11 Arctic Animals That Love the Snow

11. Arctic Wolf

It shares many of the qualities of the grey wolf, only they're smaller and have more compact features to help them retain heat in their frigid habitat.

10. Beluga Whale

Some whales are intimidating, but not the beluga. This plump sea nugget is downright jolly.

9. Reindeer

Most of the time, reindeer aren't scary at all. They're also called caribou, and they're shy creatures that prefer to avoid people.

8. Collared Lemming

If you combined a guinea pig, a hamster and a cotton ball, you'd have a collared lemming.

7. Snowy Owl

Not blue jays, not cardinals, not even bald eagles generate the excitement of spotting Hedwig in the wild.

6. Ptarmigan

Ptarmigans are known in Japan as "thunderbirds," as "hare feet" in Greek and as "snow chickens" in the U.S.

5. Polar Bear

Polar bears might be the only Arctic animal that you should really exercise caution around. The fact that they look like giant, Christmas teddy bears doesn't help.

4. Harp Seal

Adult harp seals are about the length of an adult human, but they weigh about 400 pounds.

3. Arctic Hare

Arctic hares are actually larger and more athletic than rabbits, but they look more like decorative throw pillows when they're resting.

2. Ermine

Ermines, members of the weasel family, are like ferrets, only cuter.

1. Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox tops our list as the cutest Arctic animal. They're playful and curious, like a combination between a dog and a cat.

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