10 Low Stress Jobs for Seniors

1. Library Assistant

Assist patrons, organize books, and manage library resources.

2. Virtual Customer Support Representative

Provide customer service assistance remotely through phone or online platforms.

3. Retail Greeter

Greet customers, answer basic questions, and create a welcoming atmosphere in retail settings.

4. Administrative Assistant

Assist with clerical tasks, scheduling, and basic office duties in various settings.

5. Museum Docent

Conduct guided tours, share information, and assist visitors at museums.

6. Bookstore Retailer

Work in a bookstore, helping customers find books, organizing shelves, and handling transactions.

7. Data Entry Operator

Enter data into computer systems, a task that can be done at a comfortable pace.

8. Host at Events

Welcome guests, provide information, and manage guest lists at events.

9. Dog Walker

Care for pets or take dogs for walks, providing companionship and exercise.

10. Gardener

Offer gardening or landscaping services to individuals or local businesses.

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