8 Habits That Can Actually Be Harmful To The Brain

If you like to put your headphones on full blast, you may be setting yourself up for several health issues down the line.

Exposure To Noise

Mindlessly scrolling through social media is another potential problem for brain health. By endlessly scrolling, we’re either looking for a quick lift via a funny video or just passing the time.

Doom Scrolling

Those working in an office environment will find this challenging to avoid, but more sitting affects the brain. An average adult person sits for around six-and-a-half hours a day.


Anyone who has studied harmful patterns will likely know that a lack of sleep can hurt their mental health.Going to bed an hour earlier would help to give yourself more time to sleep

Lack Of Sleep

chronic stress can kill brain cells, affecting memory and learning. It’s a concerning warning, but so many of us live stressful lives

Chronic Stress

Our default response when depressed is to avoid social contact, which hinders cognition. Shutting ourselves off can damage the brain's outer layer, which processes information.

Lack Of Social Activity

This can lead to several problems, including a lack of serotonin, which affects mood, appetite, and sleepIt’s often recommended to purchase an SAD lamp, which can help mimic sunlight indoors, while it’s also essential to maintain Vitamin D levels.

Lack Of Sunlight

Many of us use alcohol, cigarettes, or illegal drugs to cope with our lowest points. The desire for a quick boost is reasonable, but these products are hazardous in the long run.

Alcohol And Stimulants

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