8 Best Cool Season Annuals For Winter Gardens

Pansies are hardy and can bloom even in snow. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for adding brightness to your winter garden.


Similar to pansies but smaller, violas can withstand cold weather and keep your garden colorful throughout winter.


Snapdragons can tolerate frost and come back in spring if planted in the fall. They offer a range of colors and heights to add dimension to your garden.


This low-growing plant produces tiny, fragrant flowers and can bloom throughout the winter in milder climates.

Sweet Alyssum

Also known as pot marigold, calendula can bloom in cooler weather, providing sunny yellow and orange flowers that can brighten up any winter garden.


With its silver-gray foliage, Dusty Miller adds a different texture and color contrast to the winter garden, and it pairs well with brightly colored flowers.

Dusty Miller

Primroses can flower in the winter, offering a variety of colors. They prefer cool temperatures and can brighten up shady spots in the garden.


Known for its delightful fragrance and beautiful spikes of flowers, stock can tolerate mild frosts and thrives in cooler weather.


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