Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas To Make A Statement With Pattern And Colour

Match Walls And Windows

If you’re feeling super-brave then try this full-on look that uses continuous colour and pattern on matching wallpaper and window blinds.

Oversized Florals

Embrace pattern in a big way by opting for an oversized mural running the width of one wall as a bedroom feature wall.

Focus On a Feature Area

Wallpapering inside the alcove is one way around the issue, with adjoining walls painted in a toning or contrast shade.

Take Wallpaper Up and Onto The Ceiling

Painting the ceiling a contrast colour to the walls can draw attention to the lack of height by creating a dividing line that will only make the ceiling feel lower.

Fake It With ‘Faux’ Panelling

For an easier and less-costly option to bedroom wall panelling with timber, opt for a panelled-effect wallpaper with not a hammer or nails in sight.


Create a feature wall on the space behind a headboard to give the bed centre stage. This use of print is a great small bedroom idea to make the focus very directional, opening up the rest of the room.

Arty Feature Wall

Ideal for those decorating on a budget, this idea uses minimal paper but maximises the decorative impact.Choose a block section of wall, best used on the area above the bed or between wardrobes to create an artwork.

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