Sleep Habits From Around The World

Wouldn't it be great if we could take a nap after lunch? This is exactly what the Spanish siesta is all about.


Sleeping with an electric fan on in South Korea is a no-no. All because of "fan death," which is an old urban myth that many people believe to this day.

South Korea

Some Bali residents master a technique called “fear sleep,” where they can fall asleep on demand when they're stressed out.


We have written before about the benefits of being naked, and it looks like more than 20% of Brits like to do so under the sheets

United Kingdom

Babies in France are known to sleep through the night since a very early age. Parents manage this by delaying soothing the baby as soon as they wake up from their short sleep cycles. It's a technique known as “the pause."


Snuggling up with a pet is great. A survey found that 74% of American dog owners share the bed or couch with their pets.


Well, in Japan it's a sign that you're working a lot and are therefore tired. The concept is known as inemuri, and it's regarded as a good thing; a sort of badge of honor for working until you drop!


Guatemalan children sleep with handcrafted “worry dolls” under their pillows. The muñeca quitapena is believed to calm youngsters, allowing them to sleep without worrying about their issues.


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