Starbucks Debuts a New Line of Olive Oil–Infused Coffee

Starbucks invented many coffee trends, including the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and practically every Frappuccino. The company's new Oleato coffee brand, blended with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, will push coffee again. They gave us a preview.

"Oleato represents the next revolution in coffee that brings together an alchemy of nature's finest ingredients," Food & Wine said the coffee giant's interim CEO, Howard Shultz.

Infused olive oil is not your typical grocery store olive oil. Starbucks and Sicilian olive oil manufacturer Partanna produced a combination of Nocellara del Belice olives to match with Arabica coffee.

The Oleato Caffé Latte mixes Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast and olive oil-infused oat milk. My favorite Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew has an olive oil foam that tastes like creamy, luscious ice cream. I licked my cup clean. 

The Oleato Iced Shaken Espresso blends espresso, oat milk, and the new olive oil blend for classic iced coffee. Finally, Oleato Deconstructed and Oleato Espresso Martini, Starbucks Reserve-only drinks.

Oleato Deconstructed combines passionfruit cold foam with Starbucks Reserve Espresso and Partanna extra virgin olive oil, whereas Oleato Golden Foam Espresso Martini combines vodka and vanilla bean syrup with olive oil golden foam.

"When creating the beverages, we were inspired by the rich history and origin stories of coffee and olive oil – two of nature's most transcendent ingredients," said Starbucks . 

I was astonished and happy by how nicely the two flavors went together. The olive oil gives the coffee blend a nuttier, more nuanced flavor, making it perfect for afternoon sipping rather than morning drinks.

Starbucks locations in Milan, Italy will acquire the product first on February 22. These dishes will debut in Southern California this spring, followed by Japan, the Middle East, and the UK next year.