The 10 Best Restaurants For Brunch In LA

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Republique offers a delightful brunch menu featuring French-inspired dishes, pastries, and freshly baked bread.


This popular eatery in Silver Lake is known for its inventive and flavorful brunch options, including their famous ricotta toast, sorrel pesto rice bowl, and seasonal jam selections.


Situated in Beverly Hills, The Ivy is an iconic brunch spot that combines elegant dining with a charming atmosphere. Their menu features classic brunch items with a touch of California flair.

The Ivy

Located in Venice, Gjusta is a bakery and deli that serves a wide array of delectable brunch options, including artisanal bread, pastries, smoked fish, and creative sandwiches.


In Silver Lake, Botanica offers a health-conscious brunch menu with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their dishes are beautifully presented and emphasize vibrant flavors.


Part of the Manufactory complex in Downtown LA, Tartine Bianco serves a delectable brunch menu featuring a variety of house-baked bread, pastries, and inventive egg dishes.

Tartine Bianco

Known for their Tex-Mex cuisine, HomeState offers a brunch menu filled with mouthwatering breakfast tacos, migas, and homemade queso. It's a must-visit spot for Tex-Mex enthusiasts.


With multiple locations across Los Angeles, Blu Jam Cafe is a beloved brunch destination. They are known for their signature Crunchy French Toast and an array of delicious breakfast and lunch options.

Blu Jam Cafe